LED Microscope Lights – complete product list

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This is a list of all of Nanodyne’s replacement LED microscope lights / illuminators. (We think “illuminator” sounds much better than “light”, but Google tells us we are outnumbered 30:1 so we are adjusting our terms to better match our readers)

If the prices don’t line up correctly, increase the width of your window to show two whole columns, or decrease it to show only one.

All of Nanodyne’s LED microscope lights are complete systems with everything you need to replace the original failed light. This page provides more information about our illuminators in general. It also has links to view our available units by microscope manufacturer.

If you are ready to buy now, just select the proper link below. You will see a description of that model and a link to buy it. You won’t just be eliminating bulb changes. You will be free forever from unpleasant, excessive heat damaging your samples, melting housings and burning contacts. Why try to repair obsolete power supply circuitry? You can replace it with new circuitry included with our microscope light systems. You will have a far more reliable and efficient system for less than the original manufacturer charges for parts to keep the old one working, if they are available at all.

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