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LED Microscope Lights – by microscope manufacturer

Nanodyne LED microscope lights are far better than the old halogen lights. They are brighter, yet use far less power. They last 100’s of times longer than the halogen bulbs. They do not fail suddenly, but rather get slightly dimmer over a very long time. Older high quality microscopes were made with higher quality materials and workmanship than most new microscopes, yet the manufacturers are dropping support on them. They would like to sell you a new microscope so they can make more money. Do you worry about their financial health, or your own? You can fix your old one for a small fraction of the cost of a new one and have a better microscope besides.

At the bottom of this page are links to pages of our LED microscope lights organized by the original microscope manufacturer. (We think “LED microscope illuminator” sounds much better, but Google tells us we are outnumbered 30:1 so we are adjusting our terms to better match our readers.)

All Nanodyne replacement LED microscope lights / illuminators:

  • Are designed and manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.
  • Use the best materials and components available, such as high quality CREE LEDs and 6061-T6 aluminum alloy or ultra high strength 35% glass filled PPA injection molded structural polymer.
  • Are brighter than the original, usually by 5 to 10 times. Our B & L Nicholas illuminator replacement is 27 times brighter.
  • Provide tremendous power savings of 80 to 90% if operated at maximum brightness and 95 to 99% savings at the original brightness. Heat is reduced by a similar amount, eliminating the fire hazard and material degradation from hot halogen bulbs.
  • Include our proprietary non-linear intensity adjustment which was designed to match the non-linear response of the human eye. It provides complete control from 0 to 100% with no steps or discontinuities. Most models can be configured with the adjustment potentiometer on the illuminator, or at the original location on the microscope.
  • Do not have power switches or cooling fans, as these two items are the most likely to wear out. Fans are not needed due to ample heat sinking, and switches are not required as the illumination is turned completely off at the minimum setting of the adjustment potentiometer.
  • Have >80% of the original brightness after 50,000 hrs of operation. For some models it is 100,000 hrs. Rather than push an undersized LED to its limit, we use components with higher power ratings and operate them at conservative power and temperature levels to ensure long life.
  • Have a full 3 year warranty.

Stop replacing bulbs and repairing old halogen systems. Select your microscope type from one of the pictures below, then find your particular model. If we do not have your model, contact us about adding it to our portfolio.

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