Other Products – Capacitive Transducers, Test Probes

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Other Products – Capacitive Transducers, Test Probes


Capacitive Transducer Technology

Nanodyne has developed capacitive transducer technology that has hundreds of times better sensitivity that competing strain gauge technology. We can produce 1 gram full scale load cells with microgram resolution. Our accelerometers can be used for applications from automotive performance testing to seismic measurements for oil and gas exploration and earthquake/nuclear test ban monitoring. Performance is better than that of moving coil geophones and seismometers at a fraction of the size, weight and power consumption.



Test Probes & Metal MEMS

Nanodyne Measurement Systems is privately owned and operated by Wayne Bonin, The President and CEO, and his wife Sook Bonin, the CFO. The company was incorporated as Neonics, Inc. on January 7, 1987. The name was changed to Nanodyne Measurement Systems, Inc., on April 2, 2004 to better align…


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