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Nanodyne LED microscope lights are far better than the old halogen lights. They are brighter, yet use far less power. They last 100’s of times longer than the halogen bulbs. They do not fail suddenly, but rather get slightly dimmer …

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YouTube: An introduction to Nanodyne's replacement microscope illuminator product line.

“Good enough isn’t perfect. Perfect is good enough.”
-Wayne Bonin, CEO

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Nanodyne has been designing and manufacturing our products here in the USA since 1987.

We strive to surpass the highest standard: The customer's standard.

We refuse to ship products that are not close to perfection.

Nanodyne Measurement Systems

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Dear Customers, Our email service company’s incoming server was down since last Thursday night. If you sent PO or any inquiry, please call 651-323-8592 to make sure we got your message, and please temporarily add our gmail addresses until further notice. Bonin006@gmail.com & hanseung.yang@gmail.com Sorry for causing any inconvenience and we will take care of this issue as soon as possible. We appreciate your continued business with us.

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