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Nanodyne Measurement Systems is privately owned and operated by Wayne Bonin, The President and CEO, and his wife Sook Bonin, the CFO. Mrs. Bonin owned and operated Finishing Touch Jewelry, Inc., from 1987 to 1992. The store was located in the Saint Paul, MN World Trade Center, and won the Sales Achievement Award for highest sales per square foot, and second place for total sales out of over 110 stores and restaurants for years 1989 and 1990.

Engineering – Design & Development:

Engineering design and development is performed by Mr. Bonin, or under his direct supervision. He has extensive experience in product design for a wide range of electrical and electro-mechanical equipment including ultra-sensitive nanomechanical test instruments, neon sign power supplies, LED illumination systems, and test sockets for hard disc drive slider testing. He is an inventor on 83 US patents as of 2/8/2015, and has published several technical publications.

History of Wayne’s experience and technical developments:

1980-1985: Engineer at Vertimag Systems Corp., a small startup attempting to develop a floppy disc drive using perpendicular recording. Designed the magnetic recording heads, fabrication processes, and worked on head/media tribology.  Obtained US patents 4,541,026 Hybrid read-write head for perpendicular recording media and 4,580,178 Magnetic data storage system.

1985-1986: Developed high performance capacitive transducer. Licensed to Vericom Corp. as an accelerometer for use in their VC200 Vehicle Performance Analyzer. Retained rights for other uses. Obtained US patent 4,694,687. An updated model, the VC4000, is still being sold almost 30 years later (as of Jan 2015)

1985-1988: Senior Scientist, CFO and co-owner at Advanced Research Corp. Built experimental magnetic recording heads, ceramic machining, glass bonding, sputtering, and MIG (metal in gap) recording heads. Designed and built demagnetization heads and electronics for ac demagnetization of rigid disc servo tracks for noise reduction. Fabricated flyable rigid disc sliders of various materials for wear tests, and ferrite/CaTiO3 composite sliders for capacitive flying height measurements. Also switching power supply and battery charger design.

1987-1993: President, CEO and founder of Neonics, Inc., later changed the name to the current Nanodyne Measurement Systems. Developed smallest 7500V/30mA neon power supply available, just 2.5 x 3.5 x 1.25 inches and 1 lb. Developed process for manufacture of ultralow inertia armatures for rebuilding IBM tape drive capstan motors (model 3410/3420/3430). (These were the large tape drives shown in old Sci-Fi movies). Designed and built induction heater for brazing tungsten pin to steel armature for IBM 5224/5225 print head actuators. These two items generated revenue of $5M for the customer during the first 3 years. That was over 20 years ago, when 5 million dollars was some real money. Many electronic designs including 17,000 amp magnet charger, optical tachometers, impact and time of flight tester for printer heads, true power/RMS current measurement board, and power supplies. Designed and produced 0 to 3000VDC/120mA variable power supplies used by vacuum equipment manufacturer (SVT Associates), for incorporation into deposition equipment sold by them. Built ultrahigh resolution force measurement system for 3M based on a modification of the capacitive accelerometer developed in 1986. Obtained US patent 4,933,612 on neon sign power supply.

1994-1997: Chief Scientist, Hysitron, Incorporated. Wrote successful Phase I SBIR proposal for A93-115 “Micromechanical Measurement System for Thin Films on Polymeric Substrates”, and also successful phase II proposal for same topic “Portable Micromechanical Measurement System With In Situ AFM Imaging”. Developed high-resolution capacitive force/displacement transducer and all control electronics used in company’s micromechanical test instrument. This transducer has a displacement range of up to 100um with a resolution of 0.2nm and a force capability of 10mN with 100nN resolution. Developed test and calibration procedures for transducers and control unit. Developed production processes and responsible for transfer to manufacturing. Obtained 5 US patents.

1997-2008: Principal Development Engineer, Seagate Technology

Microactuator development – developed MAGMA magnetic microactuator for enhanced track following, “Mothership” flyable DET (dynamic electrical test) slider test socket, “Interrogator” preload/pitch/roll sensor. Worked on TESA (Transducer ElectroStatic Actuator) and slider electrostatic fly control. Obtained 3 product awards for Mothership.

Slider – Plate following carrier lapping process development, developed electrical contact system for in-situ ion milling process using stripe resistance measurements to provide feedback during milling. Provided modified contact springs to Housan Dakroub enabling his magneto-optic kerr measurements on individual sliders. Obtained 1 product award on the trade secret for plate following carrier lapping.

Advanced HGA – Idea for “GIMBAL STRUT SHAPE TO INCREASE BUCKLING LOAD” resulted in a patent and product award, and enabled shipping product that was on hold due reverse gimbal buckling. “Monocoque Head Suspension” used in Timberland 15K5, patent and product award. Also developed many other ideas for advanced gimbals and suspensions.

Probe/ATG/MPG – worked on improved suspension design for probe based storage memory with large linear travel range and electrostatic load force control. Designed magnetic shielding for STRAM (Spin Tunneling Random Access Memory).

Obtained 64 US patents for Seagate.

Nov 2008 to present:  President, CEO Nanodyne Measurement Systems (plus low level activity  1997-2008)

Development of capacitive transducers for ultrasensitive measurement of force, displacement and acceleration. Development of nanomechanical test instruments. Obtained 9 patents on capacitive transducers and indentation instruments for Nanodyne.

Design and process development of hard disc drive slider level DET (dynamic electrical test) socket, and ongoing production of the test sockets in quantities as required to support manufacturing for a major hard disc drive manufacturer. Obtained US patent 8,514,522 for customer.

Design and manufacture of LED illuminator upgrade/replacements for microscopes.

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