Pointer Light Illuminator


This LED illuminator replaces the old pointer light illuminator found on multiple brand microscopes. The lens house shown in product image fits several microscope models including Nikon Labophot, Labophot 2, Olympus BH and BX series. The LED provides a much brighter, whiter light than the original, while consuming 90% less energy and generating 90% less heat. Eliminate bulb replacements and free up bench space that was used by the old power supply. The unit is self-contained with no separate power adjustment box like the original. Full range intensity control from 0 to 100%. The intensity control is right on the illuminator. Don’t waste money on a new microscope because of a bad illuminator. You can keep your perfectly good microscope working for a fraction of the price of an inferior new one. Bring your microscope up to date. Replace the old pointer light with a new Nanodyne LED system. All Nanodyne illuminator systems include the power supply and required cables. Everything required for the illuminator is included. Your new Nanodyne illuminator will add decades of useful life to your microscope.

  • Custom-designed to fit the form factor of many microscope models.
  • Brightness control potentiometer on the new illuminator is on the unit.
  • Easy installation.
  • All illuminator systems are backed by our 3-year warranty.


  • Primary Collar: 0.706 inch diameter
  • Secondary Collar: 1.075 inch diameter
  • Total length: 2.043 in
  • Power Requirements: 5V/1.25W (0.25A maximum current consumption)
  • Uses CREE XQ-E LED
  • 4500K color temperature
  • Brightness: 118 lm at 350mA CREE test current and 85oC. 90 lm at Nanodyne max current 0.25A
  • LED Expected Lifetime: 80% original brightness at 88,500 hours
  • Material: Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum

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